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Choosing a Toothbrush for a Child

It is a well-known fact that the quality of the toothbrush can affect the condition of teeth. Choosing a toothbrush for a child is even a more responsible task so we have collected some recommendations for parents so that they could buy a good toothbrush for their kids.

Kid electric toothbrushes

Manual Toothbrushes

Even though you might think you could buy a perfect toothbrush for your child, it is still better to consult a dentist. He would consider the condition of the childs teeth and gums and recommend either a regular soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric one.

Some toothbrushes may push gums up so be careful to always choose a soft-bristled toothbrush.

You might not pay special attention to the color or the shape of the toothbrush, but always mind the bristles. The best ones are made of soft nylon which makes a toothbrush lasting and safe for childrens gums.

The head of the toothbrush must access all hard-to-reach areas.

That is why it is better to choose a small head.

Modern toothbrushes may have tufted, angled or rounded-end bristles and easy grip, different types of handles (curved or flexible-grip). Try to choose the one that would let your child clean his nooks and crannies properly.

Electrical Toothbrushes

  • Regular toothbrushes can be as effective as electronic ones and there is no big difference between them. On the other hand, electric toothbrushes are widely used by handicapped people and those who wear braces.
  • One of the advantages of electric toothbrushes is that their bristles vibrate and remove more food debris.
  • Electric toothbrushes with a rotational oscillation design work better than ordinary electric toothbrushes. However, they are more expensive.

How to choose a good toothbrush for a child

Nowadays there is a variety of electric, battery operated toothbrushes available in all stores and supermarkets. Many of them are designed for children. Producers of such toothbrushes claim they work better, make teeth cleaner and bring more fun. But is it really so? Will an electric toothbrush really make your childs teeth cleaner? One the one hand, regular toothbrushes are as effective as electric ones, but their price is twice lower. On the other hand, most children like the sound of electric toothbrushes and the feelings they bring. Children may actually clean their teeth better with a battery-operated toothbrush just because it is funny.

Moreover, electronic toothbrushes are usually colorful and look attractive. Sometimes there are pictures of cartoon (Cinderella, Spiderman) characters placed on their handles. Of course, these factors do not contribute to better mouth cavity hygiene, but make the process of cleaning teeth more interesting.

Specialists of the American Dental Association have conducted a series of experiments to compare manual and electric toothbrushes. The results showed that both types of toothbrushes are equally effective if they are used in a proper way. However, those who have difficulties using a manual toothbrush (mostly children or people with disabilities) will generally feel more comfortable using an electric one.

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