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What is the reason of malocclusion and curved teeth with children?

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All parents want their children to have beautiful, healthy, and well-ordered teeth. Not all parents know that malocclusion can be developed even at an early age. On the other hand, if you know the reasons of the teeth bend causing malocclusion you can take measures and prevent the possible problems with teeth.

In most cases anomalies of occlusion are observed with artificially fed children. It is connected with the structure of mandible of small children - it is much smaller that the upper jaw. All children are born this way and the small mandible is just a peculiarity of the anatomical organization of the scull. During the first year of life the mandible is becoming more even as the result of breast feeding. When a child suckles his mother's breast he has to move the mandible forward and as a result the face muscles develop.

If a child drinks from a bottle milk flow out on its own. The child does not have to move the jaw. The only thing he has to do is to swallow the flowing milk. So the child does not suckle and the mandible does not develop and remains small.

When a child does not need milk feeding ha can be taught to eat solid food. Used to eat liquid food, the child eats solid food unwillingly. Though if a child keeps on eating liquid food it will influence the development of his masticatory apparatus and prevent bones from normal development. It may also lead to malposition and bend of teeth. Malposture of the child's head while eating or sleeping can lead to the same consequences. Do not let the child to throw his head back.

Mandible can shift and narrow as a result of sleeping in the same position - on the side, on the back, on the stomach. It is not desirable to keep the hand under the cheek while sleeping. Do not let your head rest on your chest as it will lead to the same consequences.

In most cases anomalies of occlusion and curved teeth are followed by incorrect posture: thenhead is placed vertically towards the axis of the body but it is stretched forward (the neck is all the time atilt). The time of teeth eruption is also important. Lack of minerals like calcium and fluorine can retard the process.

If a child has bad habits, occlusion troubles and irregularly formed teeth are possible. Do not patronize your child's bad habits like finger sucking. Do not let you child suckle the baby's dummy for a long time or bite his lips. It turns out that the child's teeth move forward and remain in this position. It can provoke diastema - a clearly seen gap between teeth. Inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity and adenoid growth cause stuffy nose so the child has to breathe with his mouth. If you do not cure the disease the face part of the scull may stop growing and cause malocclusion and change the appearance. Peculiarities of the development of the masticatory apparatus bones can be inherited.

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