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Appropriate responses of the healthy pulp to non-destructive stimuli

Functionally, a unique dentin odontoblast device acts as a Converter of various external stimuli moderate intensity. This allows the tissue components of the peripheral pulp to be informed properly. Thus, in intact healthy tooth limited cold incentive or elastic deformation of the dentin due to sudden heavy load on the tooth transformed into a minute and rapid movements of the dentinal fluid (14). Such motions excite the surrounding nerves, resulting in a quick reflex conclusion reaction, which is immediately after a brief, sharp pain, alerting the individual to the further care. This is an important signal of the system of protecting teeth from overload, leading to the crown or root fractures chewing forces, for example (59).

Parallel to the observed transient increase in perfusion in the pulp and paper (49). It's an instant reaction of the local defense and caused by a fine terminal branches sensitive nerves supplying cells in odontoblast the field of small and feeding arterioles deeper into the masses.

Excitation most terminals branches in the peripheral zone of cellulose results reflex pulse propagation in neighboring nerve endings, belonging to the nerve axon reflex) (59). Because these nerves contain vasodilating neuropeptides, it only takes a few seconds for short-term ( increasing blood perfusion of the pulp. CGRP is a key agent of this response. As a result of the transient increase in local blood volume, tissues of the tooth pulp pressure increases (see advanced concept 2.3). In the aggregate, reflex conclusion, the pain and the local blood flow, increased judged appropriate and essential responses to protect and maintain the normal function of the pulp.

Advanced concepts of 2.3 Distribution of vascular reactions

A temporary increase in the tooth pulp blood flow is produced using electric or noxious stimulation of the adjacent tissues and teeth, as shown in anesthetized animals (57). Thus pinching or injection needle in the vestibular mucous membranes of the oral cavity and delivery by train electrical impulses to the lips or adjacent teeth cause blood flow increase several minutes in duration. This phenomenon shows a wide branching sensitive nerves and around the teeth and their widespread receptive fields, implying that the spread of neurogenic vascular reactions can occur between the various oral tissues within the territory of one nerve. ..
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