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Tooth decay is the main cause of painful events, and inflammatory lesions pulp. In the process of destruction of the tooth, various substances are produced that cause inflammatory affection upon reaching the pulp. The pulp is usually able to tolerate bacterial impact, especially when caries chained to the main dentin. On the contrary, as soon as the reparative dentin or pulp tissue correct, severe inflammatory involvement usually occurs (43, 64)that could jeopardize the continued functioning of the tissues.

Caries is defined as the initial until the process has resulted in macroscopic the destruction of the enamel (cavitation). In fact, dentin is often involved at an early stage (11). The progression of dental caries, as a rule, short-term, with periods of rapid defeat alternate with periods where the slowly developing caries. Sometimes it can be stopped temporarily or permanently (arrested caries) (Fig. 2.19). The nature of carious lesions in these respects, affects the degree of inflammatory participation of cellulose.

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