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Dental treatment procedures

Although the primary goal of dental treatment procedures elimination of infectious agents in the treatment of caries and periodontal disease and to restore tooth function and aesthetics, these procedures can rarely be carried out without causing harm to the pulp. In the short term, the majority of irritation is experienced. Only after a late stage of the disease and the use of inappropriate procedures that the risk of severe injuries are unavoidable. Long-term formation of scar tissue in the form of reparative dentin, increased fibrosis and intrapulpal mineralization, may omit the pulp defense potential and cause damage in response to new injury (6).

The threat of cellulose in combination with dental procedures apply to:

  • Damage caused by use of rotary tools.
  • Leakage bacterial elements of the oral environment on the edges of restorations that show poor adaptation to the remaining tooth.
  • Toxic effects of drugs and components used for recovery of cavities and cement crowns and inlays.
It is reasonable to assume that the preparation of the injury, bacterial affects material and drugs in combination are more harmful to the flesh, what each of these factors separately (4). ..
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