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Filling of the pulp chamber and coronal restoration

Due to the possible presence of accessory channels near the floor of the pulp chamber multichannel teeth and the fact that the susceptibility of root canal filling in the saliva and bacteria seriously deteriorates print quality, use of seals, colored dentin-adhering cement is recommended (8, 22, 42). In case of re-treatment, this material should have a different color of dentin so that the channel can be again, but not to such an extent that it discolors teeth crown.

Given the negative impact of the oral fluid on the quality of filling of root canals, it is not surprising that the quality of restoration of the crown can also affect the output of endodontic treatment, especially if the root canal is not sealed. Recommended good restoration of a coronal be placed immediately after root canal filling. Therefore, the root of filling materials must be removed in apical loose or simply channel hole, and in single-rooted teeth just apical to cemento-enamel junction, because the root canal cements may stain dentin to cause discoloration of the teeth. In cases where the cast restoration specified key material is placed. This procedure is omitted, if the office and the reason indicated shortly after the channel content. In this case, ski post can be created right after root canal filling, leaving at least 3-4 mm gutta-percha in the canal (9). ..

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