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Fully Edentulous Mandibular Guidestent with Maximum Opening Apparatus

It was determined before surgery that this patient had extreme difficulty in keeping her mouth open to accommodate the surgical procedure.

This shows a cast with six fixture positions marked with the required lingual and labial border of the guidestent.

Holes are drilled with five millimeter spacing and checked with a millimeter gauge. Dowel pins and sleeves are placed on the lubricated cast.

Pink Triad material is adapted around sleeves and edentulous areas.

The stent is removed from the cast after curing, then finished and polished.

The maxillary cast with Triad baseplate is articulated with the pre-pared mandibular guidestent cast using a prescribed pin setting.

Triad material is added to posterior areas of the baseplate and guidestent and then light cured.

The final connection is then completed and cured.

The custom guides tent is removed, cleaned, and ready for delivery.

The tissue side of the stent is inspected before insertion.

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