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Glutaraldehyde (GA) - dialdehyde - gaining increasing attention as a possible replacement for FC as dressing, offer less pulp devitalization but similar clinical results. Glutaraldehyde is not produced commercially, however, the main reason of its instability, even when refrigerated.

As FC, GA may cause allergic skin reaction, and the hand dermatitis, reported in dental assistants after the use of an antimicrobial agent Cidex erection (56). There is no clear indication of mutagenic properties GA. Full concentration or 1:5 dilution of FC was 2-3 times more cytotoxic for human fibroblasts than 2.5% GA (34). In another study, however, little difference in the relative toxicity was observed between formaldehyde and GA, when the data were calculated in terms of molar concentrations, and not dilution (81). Interestingly, GA appeared more toxic to rats epithelium of the nose, rather than " (80). Thanks to the cross-linking, GA less penetrating than formaldehyde and, consequently, leads to a less immediate damage to the pulp tissue.

However, in a study of monkeys GA is not the result of repair and healing in histological terms (82) and it is not excluded, that under the narrow zone of fixation, partial damage of cells and/or slow death of cells deeper in the limits of this zone can lead to chronic damage to the cells. The use of 2 or 5% ha, reported success rates vary from 74%to 96%, terms of observation, being between 1 and 3.5 years(19, 22, 76, 85). It was suggested that the buffered GA solution is more effective than unbuffered solution. Concentration and time of exposure of tissues to show strong interaction (81), which implies that the needs of GA for a relatively long time of contact with pulp for optimal fixation. Whether the problem can be circumvented, in the clinic due to increase of concentration is controversial. Thus, the optimal strength ha, still uncertain, and also there are different opinions about whether it should be included in the permanent edits zinc oxide-eugenol cement or not. Given the proposed such cytotoxicity GA and FC hardly GA has any advantage over " as dressing material...
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