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The Branemark System Titanium Single Tooth Abutment

The single tooth abutment developed by Nobelpharma Inc. has six components. In the column at right the fixation screw at the top (DCA #090) secures the abutment in the center (DCA #088) to the implant. In the left hand column a laboratory guide pin at top attaches the impression coping (DCA 099) in the center to a fixture replica (DCA 084).

Single Tooth Abutment

The single tooth abutment is based upon a non-rotational component which fits directly to the hexagonal head of an osseointegrated implant fixture. This component eliminates the trans-epithelial connector, while using the abutment screw for final fixation.

Mandibular Overdenture Retained by Shiner Magnets

The components to augment the Shiner magnets are listed from left: keeper replica for mast cast; processing piece; impression piece; and metal o-ring spacer.

Maxillary Overdenture with Ceka Revax Attachments Supported by Branemark System Implants

The Ceka Revax system contains all of the components needed to produce a successful fixed/detachable overdenture. The proven record and long-term use of this attachment in the dental field makes it a familiar and viable treatment plan. The Revax system has a complete accessary armamentarium for the replacement and maintenance procedures.

Core Vent Ball Attachment

Another ball-type attachment is the Core-Vent Ball Attachment. These can be screwed or cemented to the fixture. The ball attachments shown are cementable.

The Ball Attachment

The Nobelpharma ball attachment is for over denture treatment on single abutments. The use of this attachment is for retention and stabilization. When used in overdentures it reduces shock, pressure and torque.

A Composite of Overdenture Applications

The overdenture treatment is a good alternative to a fixed, bone-anchored prosthesis. This treatment modality offers distinct advantages to many patients who would benefit from two or three carefully placed implants. Where an unstable full denture is converted to, or replaced by, an implant-supported overdenture, function, fit and stability can be greatly improved. When two or more implants are placed, bone resorption is decreased significantly.

Partially Edentulous Reconstruction Using The Core-Vent System

A quadrant impression shows Core-Vent implant replicas (CV BH3) seated firmly on the impres-sion posts (CV BC3). A small amount of sticky wax is used to insure the replica does not move.

Posterior Quadrant Reconstruction With a Natural Tooth Abutment And the IMZ Implant

This cross-sectional schematic diagram illustrates the internal relationship of the implant components.

Fully Edentulous Maxillary Tissue Integrated Prosthesis Using Porcelain-Fused- To-Metal

The critical factors in the use of porcelain are: meticulous fabrication and laboratory maintenance of a precision framework. It is imperative that correct procedures be followed continuously through to completion of the prosthesis. The design of the substructure should incorporate accurate anatomical dimensions with strong, rigid connectors. In a full-arch framework, a palatal bar is included in an effort to prevent warpage. Thin areas of metal are avoided in all ceramo-metal frames.

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