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Pulpal inflammation in the primary tooth

Although there has been some controversy in the literature as to the capacity of the pulp milk teeth respond to caries by formation of reparative dentin, several histological studies have shown frequent phenomenon of reparative dentin in primary molars with deep caries(33, 60, 63, 72). Magnusson and Sundell (42) found a significantly lower frequency of cellulose step-by-step exposure with a excavations procedure compared with the direct completion of the excavation deep caries in the primary molars, assuming that the pulp has a good potential for the production of reparative dentin.

The morphology of the main molar means that clinical symptoms pulp tissue reaction to damage may differ from those of permanent teeth. Thus, due to the small distance from the crown of cellulose floor to bifurcations and frequent presence of accessory channels through the tooth pulp floor, inflammation of the pulp of the tooth with caries in the primary molars more often leads to pathological changes in the field of interradicular.

Fistula, abscesses of cellulose infection also are examined in milk teeth, probably because of the relatively thin cheeks cortical bone of the infants. Internal root resorption is the most common continuation of inflammation after pulpotomy, the origin of which is not understood. This may be due to the different way in which the pulp tissue in milk teeth reacts to irritating agents. Thus, it was demonstrated that the physiological process molt occurs in areas with predentin, which has been shown to increase the risk of internal resorption (50, 78). With the help of calcium hydroxide as dressing material after pulpotomy, the presence of the remaining blood clot between the dressing and wound surface was invited to increase the internal process of root resorption (73). ..
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