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Scheme for a routine procedure in root canal therapy

For optimum results, the RCT, several important steps can be distinguished:
  • Evaluation before starting treatment, the technical difficulties that may arise during the procedure in terms of access and negotiations on the anatomy of root canals.
  • Opening of teeth for the purpose of localization of all the channels, the so-called open access training.
  • Ensure aseptic areas of work, including the use of rubber dams.
  • Conducting mechanical instrumentation channel of the interior.
  • Irrigation canals to remove debris and to chemical disinfection.
  • Accommodation antimicrobial dressing before the next meeting.
  • Closing of the root canal system between meetings.
  • Evaluating the results of the initial treatment.
  • Conducting root canal filling.
  • Recalling the patient within 6-12 months to assess long-term results.
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