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Spare Denture Stent

A set of spare dentures is modified by removing the palatal and lingual acrylic as indicated. A labial wire is added to each arch for increased strength, and the denture stents are finished and polished. These stents provide an esthetic guide while offering the same functions as the clear duplicate denture.

Radiographic Splint

The primary function of the radiographic splint is to provide presurgical diagnostic information. In this application, a metal ball bearing was used. The measurement of the actual ball is compared to the ball size in the radiograph. The size difference between the two balls is used to create a ratio which is equivalent to the distortion factor in the radiograph.4 In a cephalometric radiograph, it is helpful in determining fixture placement and angulation.

This is a mandibular cast with marking for one implant site.

The acrylic splint is fabricated with a saddle over the implant area. The implant site is marked on the splint.

A hole is drilled through the splint at the implant site.

The splint is placed back on the cast and the metal ball bearing is attached to the implant site with selfcuring acrylic.

This slows the finished splint with the radiographic ball bearing.

An intraoral view of radiographic splint.

Here the radiographic splint is shown on a panradiograph.

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