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The Branemark System Titanium Single Tooth Abutment

The single tooth abutment developed by Nobelpharma Inc. has six components. In the column at right the fixation screw at the top (DCA #090) secures the abutment in the center (DCA #088) to the implant. In the left hand column a laboratory guide pin at top attaches the impression coping (DCA 099) in the center to a fixture replica (DCA 084).

The abutment comes in five lengths for different tissue depths (1 mm-DCA 085; 2 mm-DCA 086; 3 mm-DCA 087; 4 mmDCA 088; and 5 mm-DCA 089). The abutment has a maximum diameter of 5 mm at the margin of the shelf. The crown is built up above this margin.

This patient shows attractive healthy dentition demanding a very esthetic restoration.

The fixture placement and angulation are excellent.

The diagram shows the impression coping with the guide pin. Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the width of the impression coping to fit a small inter-tooth space.

The interface between implant and impression coping must be clean and tight to insure accurate pickup.

After impression material has set, self-cure resin is added to the impres-sion tray and connected to the impression coping. This is done to stabilize the coping within the impression. Care is taken not to cover the screw slot with the resin.

The completed impression.

Close inspection of the impression reveals the good detail of the soft tissue and the clean coping surface. A wax block-out is used on the exposed metal neck of the impression coping to facilitate easy separation from the master cast.

This close-up shows how the fixture replica duplicates the hexagonal head and internal screw threads of the implant.

The laboratory guide pin attaches the fixture replica to the impression coping. The master cast can now be poured.

Metal is reduced from the single tooth abutment to allow room for occlusal clearance.

When selecting the single tooth abutment, it is important that the crown margin extend 2 mm below the gingiva.

The pattern is waxed to full contour and cut back.

This cross section illustrates the optimum relationship of contour and fit.

The metal pattern finished to the titanium abutment shows excellent marginal fit.

The ceramo-metal sleeve is degassed, opaqued, and readied for porcelain application.

The porcelain is built up in the normal manner.

The porcelain is carefully finished and glazed. The ceramic crown can now be cemented to the single tooth abutment.

The screwdriver (DIA 253) has an anti-rotational mechanism (DIA 252) which allows the slot head to tighten the screws while the implant is stabilized.

The single tooth abutment is seated for try-in.

Lip retractors reveal good soft tissue adaptation and shade match.

Correct anatomy creates a harmo-nious relationship between the single tooth replacement and the natural teeth, forming a normal smile line..

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