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The systemic effect of diet on the aetiology of dental caries

In the first half of the twentieth century, it was believed that the provision of good food, and his teeth were developing was the primary way to prevent tooth decay. It is now known that the local effect of diet in the mouth, teeth after erupted plays a much more important role. However, malnutrition and disadvantages of specific nutrients, affect the development of the teeth and the formation, functions and secretion of salivary glands, which in turn has an influence on the susceptibility to decay.

In populations where malnutrition, there is a moderate impact of sugar in the diet, the higher level of caries are in comparison with the experience of developed countries. This led to a proposal that malnutrition may lead to the aggravation of the cariogenicity of dietary sugars. That is a concern in countries experiencing ?power the transition period", i.e. countries that abandon their traditional diets take ? Pro-Western diet that is higher in free sugars and fat. This is a common misconception that a diet high in sugar promotes growth, and it is important to limit the consumption of sugar in the undernourished population is often overlooked. However, there is no evidence to show that a high intake of sugar is connected with the growth and increasing consumption of sugar does not address micronutrient deficiencies...

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