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Vascular supply

Current knowledge of cardiovascular architecture pulp greatly influenced the use of micro-vascular cast method (Fig. 2.11) (68). This technique allows resin to fill in even the smallest capillaries pulp. Vascular cast then it turns out that after corrosive surrounding tissues, may be considered in the scanning electron microscope.

In all developmental stages crown cellulose shows a larger vasculature than in radicular pulp. In the Central parts of cellulose vascular network is less dense than peripheral cellulose. Anastomosis between incoming and outgoing blood vessels observed in Central pulp adult animal teeth (40) and seems to be more frequent in the apical pulp than in the crown of cellulose (38). Shunt links between the supply and discharge of vessels of the tooth pulp, were also found near the apical holes in the periodontal ligament (69). It is reasonable to assume that the stents ensure control perfusion through the tissues of the tooth pulp. Therefore, in the case of local inflammatory events to cause increased resistance to the tooth pulp blood flow, arteriovenous shunts may come into the game and redirection of incoming blood.


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