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Can antibiotics stain my child’s teeth?

Yes. Some types of antibiotics may cause permanent discoloration of the teeth. Be sure to discuss this with your pediatrician or family doctor, when antibiotics are prescribed.

Do not breathe through the mouth affect the formation of teeth?

If your child's mouth breather, consult your dentist and pediatrician. Breathing through the mouth can be the result of obstruction caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids or chronic nasal congestion. This can lead to dental anomalies that may require professional correction for example, the curly brackets.

Children should wear a mouthguard for sports?

Given the more than 200,000 injuries of mouth and jaw occur each year, dentists supports the use of mouthguards in various sporting events. Mouthguards draw away the soft tissues of the oral cavity and teeth, preventing the lacerations and bruises lips and cheeks, especially for children who wear braces. Clean, cold water or an antiseptic mouth rinse. Keep a mouthguard in the firm, perforated container.

Why does my child has a chronic bad breath?

Bad breath can be a sign of inflammation of the tonsils or infected or adenoids, chronic nasal congestion, caries of the teeth or gums.
Consult your doctor or pediatrician.

What if my child has a tooth knocked out?

Do not scrub or teeth cleansing. Immediately place it in milk. If this is not available, wrap the tooth in a clean, dry paper towel or cloth and take it and your child to the dentist as soon as possible. Many times, the tooth can be implanted in the alveoli, given this quick thinking, attention...
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