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How to treat diastema?

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Diastema is an incomplete contact between incisors. Diastema is a visible defect of the denture and makes the smile look less aesthetic. If diastema (distance between the frontal group of teeth) is from 1,5 to 7mm it may make the patient worry.

Diastema can be caused by a number of factors from mechanical obstructions (unerupted tooth placed between the roots of adjacent teeth) to hereditary predisposition or bad habits (sucking of a pencil). Diastema can be also caused by such diseases as caries, periodontitis and loss of teeth.

It is worth mentioning that such defects can facilitate other diseases like periodontitis, caries, and malocclusion or other defects of occlusion. The older you are the bigger you diastemas and tremas will be. That is why it is important to treat these defects. Do it in time to prevent more serious diseases of the mouth cavity.

Diastema can be treated with the help of complex measures and a group of dentists.

Such treatment will most probably take much time (up to 1,5 years). The following measures can be taken to treat diastema:
  • Frenuloplastics. Dental surgeon will change the level of fastening of the frenulum.
  • Synthesis of continuity of the denture. Using implants is also possible.
  • Change of the position of teeth made by an orthodontist.
  • Correction of the form of teeth. Both orthopaedic and therapeutic corrections can be used. Everything depends on each particular case. Using veneers and crowns as well as treatment of caries and periodontitis will add to the success of treatment of diastema.

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