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Snacking Tips

Limit snacks high in sugar. A balanced diet is very important for your child's normal growth and development. In General, a diet that provides good food is also good for teeth. Follow Canada's food Guide to Healthy eating, to make sure that your child receives the necessary nutrients for a healthy body and healthy teeth. A copy of the guide are available through your local health Department.

Children tend to eat more often than adults. Frequent snacking helps children was a shortage of food and fuel their daily activities. To save the baby's teeth healthy, limit the amount of snack foods high in sugar and how often these foods are eaten.

Here are some tips for snack foods that will not hurt your teeth:

  • Choose a snack from the four food groups listed in Canada's Food Guide to Healthy eating. Warning: some products choking hazard for children under the age of four.
  • Avoid snacks high in sugar and those who tend to stick to the teeth. If serving sweets, provide them with food, when the mouth produces enough saliva to help reduce the effects of sugar.
  • We offer high-protein food such as cheese, which provides some protection against caries.
  • Offer your child water when he or she wants to drink.
    Fruit juices or other sugary drinks given frequently during the day in a bottle or Cup will increase your child's risk for cavities.
  • Medicine usually contains sugar. Ask your doctor to prescribe medication, without sugar, if available.
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