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Symptoms of dental cyst

Dental cyst maxillary sinus
Usually cysts are formed unnoticed. Only in some cases it is possible to indicate the cyst while it is still developing. Mind that while the cyst is growing the tooth tissue is being destroyed. The earlier you find the cyst the more chances you have to save your tooth. Pain, discomfort, and fever may appear at later stages of the disease.

The best way to cure cyst is to cure it as early as possible. See the dentist regularly. Let him check the filled root canals as this is the only way to identify a cyst at an early stage of its development. Radiographic examination is used to check root canals.

How to treat dental cyst?

If you have a dental cyst it is better to start treatment as soon as possible. One of the most widely spread methods of treatment is surgical intervention. If it is not necessary to remove the tooth it will be preserved. If you treat dental cyst in a good clinic it becomes possible to preserve the original shape of the tooth.

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