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Teen Oral Health

Adolescents face oral health issues which are not common for the younger children, such as the following:
  • Appearance and self-image are important for teenagers. Support of students wants to be attractive in a healthy way. Let them know that crooked, crowded, or discolored teeth can be improved by dentists and orthodontists.
  • Halitosis is a treatable problems caused by strong foods, Smoking, use of alcohol, upset stomach, bacteria, or other medical problems. Brushing and flossing every day will help prevent bad breath. Language brushing or scraping also helps.
  • Eating disorders can cause serious public health problems, as well as the permanent loss of tooth enamel. Professional assistance is needed for these conditions.


Oral piercing, tattoo, decorative grilles, bear the risk of hepatitis, HIV, and tetanus, and continuously receding gums. Tongue piercing can cause bleeding, panting, and allergic reactions, which can cause swelling in the throat that is severe enough to block the airway.
Some infections in the mouth can spread quickly to the heart and the circulatory system and can become very serious and even fatal.

Removal of bacteria and after each meal is very important for adolescents with oral piercing. Piercing may contain bacteria that can cause infection, inflammation of the gums and bad breath. It is important not to cultivate the habit of play with the piercing in his mouth; jewelry can injure the gums, causing them to pull away from the teeth. Once this occurs, the gum tissue grows. Wear a mouth jewelry risky; he can chip, crack or scratch your teeth, causing permanent damage.

Dental sealants

Sealants are very effective in preventing tooth decay. Check the dental sealants and periodically replaced as necessary.

This is beneficial to place sealants on the second molars adolescents. Some adolescents are at higher risk for caries due select the native diet. A healthy diet low in sugar, limited consumption, and good daily oral hygiene, necessary to prevent caries and irreversible damage to the tissue of the gums.

Nutrition and eating disorders

Frequent consumption of soda, sports drinks, or any sugar-containing drinks can cause tooth decay. Sugar combined with the bacteria in the mouth, creating an acidic environment that leads to caries. All soda, including sugar, soda contains phosphoric acid, which lowers the pH and harms the teeth. Phosphoric acid inhibits the body's ability to absorb calcium, necessary for strong bones and teeth. Every time a sugar-based drinks or diet soda consumed, acid attack begins teeth lasts 20 minutes. To protect the teeth limit sugar-containing drinks only one per day, preferably with meals.

Disorders develop in 1-3% of the population. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can cause serious General health problems: malnutrition, abnormal blood counts, irregular heart rate, low blood pressure, dizziness, dehydration, loss of bone mass and permanent loss of tooth enamel. The disorder can also cause tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, sensitive teeth, and bacterial or fungal infections of the mouth. Many young adults try to hide their disorder. It is important to seek professional help for these conditions. ..

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