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What is dental granuloma?

Dental granuloma treatment
Dental granuloma is a small purulent mass (like a cyst). Even despite the small size it is not recommended to neglect is as the consequences may be sad. Granuloma can develop and exist causing no pain but when it becomes acute pain will be horrible. Granuloma is also a serious source of infection and can easily cause diseases of kidney, heart, and other organs. That is why it is so important to treat granuloma in time.

If a patient neglects granuloma dental abscess will develop soon. The medical term for dental abscess is lateral abscess a purulent edema with painful feelings. If you take your toothache for too long the pus may spread from the dental recess and affect the maxillofacial bone. It is enough to slightly press he tooth, rap at it, or eat solid food and you will feel pain followed by edema and/or fever.

They say there is a reliable folk remedy to treat granuloma.

Take a rusty old nail, heat it on the open flame and dip into white honey. Then remove the scale from the nail and apply it to the bad tooth.

However, experienced dentists do not recommend waiting until this folk remedy works as it may take half of the day. First of all go or even run to a dental clinic! There dentists will cut the gum and remove pus and install drainage to prevent formation of pus in the wound. Drainage is installed for 3 days. Anti-inflammatory medicamental therapy is also necessary. Mind that if you neglect dental abscess it may turn into phlegmon. Phlegmon is the spread of pus under the muscles of the face and the neck that can be terminal if pus reaches the heart. If you suppose that you have dental abscess do not apply hot compresses. They will not help you but van easily harm you as higher temperature facilitates the spread of pus.

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