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What should one do to have no problems with dentists?

Problems with private dentists
Statistics says that dentistry takes the first place according to the number of complaints. Sometimes complaints are not grounded and are caused by lack of understanding between the 2 sides of the conflict or unreasonable desires of the patient. Though, sometimes real violations of the patients rights may take place. How can one explain such facts?

If to believe the commercials the majority of population of our country suffers dental diseases. This theory is supported by the constantly growing number of dental clinics. This increase is also provoked by the fact that the basic dental services and dental prosthetics are not included into the list of obligatory medical insurance. On the other hand, people are always ready to pay a bit more to a dentist in their local clinic to get import anesthesia or other high-quality materials.

Well, in most cases WE are guilty of such situation.

First of all some people do not follow the simplest rules of the mouth cavity hygiene and preventive measures (they prefer to wait until the last moment when the toothache becomes horrible). Secondly, we do not always value the teeth we have. We easily agree to remove the tooth and ignore the dentists offer to spend a bit more time to cure the tooth. Thirdly, many people believe that if they make a shiny porcelain smile like many TV stars they will become much happier. In fact, no prosthetic appliances will serve you better and longer than your own (even cured) teeth. Fourthly, some people think that it is possible to cure all their teeth in a moment and one visit to the dentist is enough to solve all problems. Unfortunately they are wrong. Such instantaneous treatment can be very harmful and not effective. Do not try to cure all your teeth at a time.

But there are cases when problems with teeth cannot be prevented. What should a person do then? First of all choose good dentist. Do not think that good doctors can be found only in expensive clinics. Do not follow the principle "the more expensive the better" because this is a delusion. Territorial principle (the clinic is near your home or work) will not go. The best way to start the search is to ask your relatives and friends. Pay attention to those doctors who have already become favorite (no one will become a constant client of a bad doctor). It would be perfect to see the example of the dentists work. Do not be shy to look at the filling or the tooth made by this dentist if your friend is willing to show it to you. When you are ready with your choice go to the clinic where your future dentist works. Ask about him in the registration office; see the license of the clinic and the list of services the clinic offers. Sometimes it may be useful to watch the patients entering and leaving the dental room, observe their mood, listen to their talks.

And finally you are in the dental room. The most common mistake is to hide the real problems and not speak about them. Be honest telling the dentist about your habits, way of life and diseases. This will help the dentist come to some conclusions concerning treatment and further prevention. It is better to discuss the present state of things and the further treatment with your doctor. Be very attentive or ask the dentist to write down the necessary information for you. Mind that a good specialist will offer it even before you ask. Trust the doctor and do not press your opinion upon him. Do not wait or demand the promises of a perfect result. It is desirable to discuss the price of treatment beforehand to avoid possible conflicts. Follow all prescriptions of your dentist. Do not miss fixed receptions. If you havent done something just tell about that. When the treatment is over do not jump to conclusions and say that everything is perfect. Try to test the new tooth to avoid problems.

The results of treatment depend on 3 factors: doctors skills, your attitude and force. The first 2 factors are the doctors responsibility while the last depends on you.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the dentists work receive evidence of validity of your complaints. We would like to be helpful. We believe that our advice will make your treatment and dental prosthetics successful.

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