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Should You Choose Same Day Crowns?

A crown is a permanent covering that fits over a first tooth that is either decayed, damaged or cracked. Crowns are made of a collection of different materials including gold, porcelain, acrylic resin or a combination of these materials. Porcelain generally has the most natural appearance, although it is frequently less permanent.

The treatment plan for a patient involves:

  • Re-sculpturing the tooth to supply a great fit for the crown.
  • Making an impression so that you can produce a custom made crown (typically takes one).
  • Employing the long-lasting crown (when received from the laboratory) and fitting the permanent one .
  • After ensuring that the crown has the appropriate look and fit, it is cemented by the dentist into place.
  • This process typically includes a minimum -3 visits over a 3 to 4 week span.
Once the process is completed, proper dental hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing, is necessary to maintain healthy, bacteria-free teeth, gums and crowns.
This aids in the prevention of gum disease. Given proper care, your crowns can survive a very long time.

CEREC Crowns

There is a crown a custom made covering that fits over an original tooth that is either decayed, damaged or cracked. In many instances CEREC technology to provide you with custom, porcelain crowns can be utilized by us.

CEREC offers you same-day, custom crowns that you can depend on. Typically, with CEREC crowns, there's no more demand for multiple visits, waiting for dental laboratories to create your custom crown or temporary crowns. CEREC permits us to take design optical impressions, and create your custom crown in our office and in just an individual visit!

CEREC custom crowns are made with tooth-coloured, "exceptionally lasting" porcelain enabling you to maintain the natural appearance of your smile so that you may face the world with confidence.

Contact us today to see if CEREC crowns are best for you!

Conventional Dental Crowns vs. Cerec Crowns

In an usual crown procedure, the dentist prepares it for a crown, and takes a mold grinds down the tooth. The patient returns home with a temporary cap for a couple of weeks while the dentist sends the mold to your laboratory, where a crown that is new is carved by a tech from porcelain and ships it back to the dentist. When the patient returns, the temporary tooth is removed and the crown seated. It's a double dose of excursions to the dentist!

The patient's tooth is ground to create a seat for the crown, subsequently his or her new crown is carved out in minutes of a block of porcelain. The entire appointment takes approximately ninety minutes.

An instantaneous CEREC crown has several benefits over a traditional crown. An immediate crown helps reduce sensitivity and pain along with bacterial leakage from wearing a cap that is temporary for a couple of weeks normally found. CEREC crowns are additionally guaranteed by pCCD for life.

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