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Until recently, the bacteria have been studied, as they grew on culture plates in the laboratory. Recent advances in technology studies have allowed researchers to study bacteria in their natural habitat. These studies showed that the majority of bacteria live in a difficult group, called biofilms, and that " biofilms are found everywhere in nature.

In the oral cavity, dental plaque is biofilms that clings to the surface of the teeth, fillings and dentures. Plaque biofilm has a complex structure, as biofilms that can be found everywhere in nature: bacterial microcolonies, extracellular layer of mucus and fluid channels.

1. Biofilms and where they form

A. Description

1. Biofilms-film " alive " -containing a well-organized community of bacteria that grows on the surface.

2. As a rule, biofilms are composed of many species of bacteria and other organisms and their fragments.

3. Biofilms form rapidly to almost any surface that is wet.


Biofilms Environments

1. Biofilms are everywhere in nature (Fig. 6-2). "Biofilms" may seem like a new term, but each faces biofilm on a regular basis. The plaque film that forms on the teeth (Fig. 6-3), mucus in aquariums, and mucus Deposit, who scored sink drain all examples of biofilms. Slimy stones in a stream biofilm coating.

2. Biofilms can exist on any hard surface, which are bacteria containing liquids.

a. Biofilms can be found on medical and dental implants indwelling intravenous and urinary catheters, contact lenses, and prosthetic devices, such as heart valves, biliary stenting, pacemakers and artificial joints.

B. Legionnaires ' disease, which killed 29 people, in 1976, was the result of bacterial biofilms in the hotel's air conditioning system.

BIOFILMS: BACTERIAL COMMUNITIES c. According to some estimates, 65% of all diseases can be, biofilms-induced.

Biofilms-induced diseases : tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, subacute bacterial endocarditis, and of parodont. Biofilms to thrive in the water treatment unit and the suction line, and it was shown that the main source of contaminated water from treatment units. Stagnant fluid flow freely floating bacteria to attach to the tube wall in dental units and intricate form biofilms...

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