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Characteristics of Gingivitis

And the color of the fabric in gingivitis

1. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums, often causing tissue become red and swollen to bleed easily, and sometimes to become a little tender.

2. Inflammation leads to increase in blood flow to the gums, causing tissue appear bright red. Figures 13-5 13-6 and to see examples of typical clinical symptoms of gingivitis.

B tissue contour (size and shape), gingivitis

1. The increase of fluid in the inflamed gum tissue causes enlargement of tissues. The usual wavy appearance of the gums is lost if the gingival papillae swollen.

2. Examples of the types of change in the appearance of papillae are listed below.

a. Bulbous papilla-papilla, the increase appears popping out of their sockets from removal of sediments space (Fig. 13-7).

B. Blunted papilla-papilla flat and does not fill remove deposits space (Fig. 13-8).

c. Craters papillae-papilla, which seems to be "scooped out" leaving concave depression in the mid-proximal region. Craters papillae associated with necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (Fig. 13-9).

Clinical characteristics of gingivitisClinical characteristics of gingivitis

Describe the clinical characteristics of gingivitis ..

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