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Current Views on Disease Control

In recent years, advances in research have led to a fundamental change in our understanding of periodontal diseases and led to the development of a new theory of risk factors of periodontal disease. Currently, researchers believe that the presence of plaque biofilm, alone, is not enough to cause periodontal disease.

But host-bacterial interaction as a factor of risk-Current. The interaction of the host (the patient) with pathogenic bacteria, which controls the presence or absence of periodontal disease is present (Fig. 5-7).

1. A bacterial infection, not enough to periodontal disease. Response of the host plays a crucial role in the tissue destruction seen in periodontitis. Current research shows that not all equally susceptible to periodontal diseases. Some people are more at risk than others.

2. Risk factors of periodontal disease include local mouth, habits, systemic diseases, and genetic factors.

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