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Extent and Distribution of Inflammation

In documenting inflammation of the gum tissue is useful to Note, as the degree and dissemination of inflammation.

1. Gingivitis

A. extent of inflammation. The degree of inflammation in the tissues affected by inflammation. The degree of inflammation describes both local and generalized in her mouth.

1. Localized inflammation limited gum tissue single tooth - such as the maxillary right of first molar group teeth-such as in front of the lower jaw sextant.

2. Generalized inflammation includes all or most of the tissues in the mouth.

B. dissemination of inflammation. The spread of inflammation describes the area where the gum tissue inflammation.

1. Inflammation can affect only the interdental papilla, gingival and papilla or gingival papilla, and attached gingiva.

2. Table 13-2 shows how to describe the propagation of inflammation of the gum tissue. Figures from 13-14 to 13-18 to illustrate the use of this file descriptions terminology.

Gingival inflammation indexGingival inflammation index

Gingival inflammation fever ..

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