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Focus on Patients

Case 1

The patient in a car accident receives penetrating wound with participation of the oral cavity. The wound gets on alveolar mucosa near the top of the lower premolar teeth and extends from the surface all the way through the mucous tissue of the premolar of the tooth root. The list of periodontal tissues, most likely injured by this penetrating wound.

Case 2

A patient who has lost the maxillary lateral incisor tooth planned dental implant is placed. Dental implants will require the practitioner to prepare with a drill hole in the bone formerly occupied lateral incisors teeth. What types of dice that, most likely, will be permeated detail.

Building 3

The dentist is implementing a local anesthetic before work on the maxillary molar tooth. Injection leads to a complete loss of sensation molar teeth and gums around molar tooth. The name of the nerves, which is likely to be affected by the injection of local anesthetic...
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