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Free Gingiva

Free gum is an unincorporated part of the gums surrounding the teeth in the region FAC (Fig. 1-5). Free gum also known as free gum or marginal gums. Free gum is coronal (above) FAC. It is surrounded by the tooth in a turtleneck or cufflike way. Free gum is attached to the tooth using a special epithelium - paroxizmalnaya form epithelium.
  1. Fabrics free gum tightly around the tooth, but not directly attached to it.
  2. This fabric, as it is unattached, can be gently stretched from the surface of the tooth with a periodontal probe.
  3. Free gum forms of soft tissue wall of the gingival sulcus.
  1. Fabrics free gum is responsible tooth thin rounded edge is called the gingival margin (Fig. 1-5).
  2. Gingival contours of teeth, creating a wavy (wavy) outline around them.
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