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  • Provides a seal tissue around the cervix, the part of the neck of the tooth
  • Covers the alveolar process of the jaws
  • Holds against tooth tissues during mastication
Periodontal ligament
  • Pauses and supports the tooth in its nest
  • Anchor the ends of the fibers of the connective tissues of parodentium teeth so that the tooth remains in its nest
  • Protects the root dentine
Alveolar bone
  • Surrounds and supports the roots of the tooth
Each of periodontal tissue plays a vital role in maintaining health and functioning of periodontal tissues. Knowledge of periodontal tissues in health is a necessary basis for understanding the concept of (1) the normal function of periodontal, (2) prevention of diseases, and (3) of periodontal disease process. Dental hygiene students, as a rule, are entered in the periodontal tissues in the first semester or quarter hygiene curriculum. In preclinical stages of the curriculum, the development of dental terminology and anatomy can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. This Chapter provides the opportunity to consider this complex system tissue known as periodontal. ..
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