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Gingival Margin

1. Gingival swelled and loses its knife-adaptation to the edge of the tooth.

2. Gum tissue may encompass more of a tooth crown due to swelling of the tissues or fibrosis.

C. Interdental papillae: interdental papillae often bulbous and swollen.

D. bleeding: there bleeding after gentle probing.

E. Furrow: probing the depths exceed 3 mm at the expense of swelling of the tissues. It is important to note that there is no apical migration paroxizmalnaya form epithelium in gingivitis.

3. The microscopic picture of Gingivitis

A. paroxizmalnaya form epithelium: hemidesmosomes still give enamel coronal to cementoenamel site (Fig. 3-6 and table. 3-2).

B. Epithelial-Connective Tissue Junction

1. In paroxizmalna form epithelium enhances the epithelial ridge down in the connective tissue.

2. This expansion epithelial ridges only can happen, since the destruction of the gums fibers creates space for the growth of the epithelium.


gums fibers: the damage was caused supragingival fiber bundles. This damage is reversible if a bacterial infection is brought under control.

D. Alveolar bone: a bacterial infection has not moved in the alveolar bone. There is no loss of alveolar bone.

E. Periodontal ligament fibres: bacterial infection't gotten into the periodontal ligament fibers.

F. cement: cement covering the tooth root are normal. Gingival margin trimmer mesial and distal..

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