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Gingival Sulcus

The gingival sulcus is the space between the free gum and tooth surface (Fig. 1-12).

Groove is V-shaped, shallow space around the tooth [3].

  1. Depth clinically normal gingival sulcus from 1 to 3 mm, measured by periodontal probe.
  2. The base of the grooves. The base of the groove formed paroxizmalnaya form epithelium (specialized Type of epithelium, which is attached to the tooth surface).
The gingival crevicular fluid, also called gum sulcular fluid, the fluid that leaks from the base of connective tissue in sulcular space.
  1. Little or no liquid is in a healthy gingival sulcus, but the fluid flow is increased in the presence of dental plaque biofilm and as a result of inflammation of the gums [4].
  2. The fluid flow is increasing in response to the cleaning of the teeth, chewing or other stimulation gingivae. The flow increases significantly when gingivae are inflamed.
  3. If the filter the strip is inserted into the furrow, he aborbs fluid flow.
Using the filter gas, the amount of gingival crevicular fluid can be measured and used as an index of gum disease.

Gingival sulcus histology..

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