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Interdental Gingiva

Interdental gum is a part of the gums that fills interdental opening between two adjacent teeth to the apical zone of contact (Fig. 1-10).

Interdental gums consists of two interdental papillae-one facial papilla and one language papilla (papilla = nouns; papillae = noun in the plural).

  • Side of the border and the tip of the interdental papilla are formed through free gum from the adjacent teeth.
  • The Central part of the interdental papilla is formed of attached gingiva.
If this is valleylike depression in part interdental gums, which lies directly to the apical zone contact. If not, if the adjacent teeth do not come into contact, or if the gums have receded (Fig. 1-11). Interdental gums prevents food from becoming Packed between the teeth during chewing.

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