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Maintenance of Dental Implants

One of the key factors for long-term success of dental implants is to maintain the health of the tissue around the implant. Successful exploitation requires the active participation of the patient and the dentist.

1. Considerations for implantation of service

A. objectives of maintenance therapy for dental implants

1. Maintenance of the Alveolar bone support

a. Alveolar bone support is assessed by use of high-quality x-ray images taken with a long conical parallelization method in the certain time intervals.

B. Bone density and height around implants compared to the previous x-rays of the site.

2. Control inflammation

a. Patient and professional plaque biofilm control is important for the proper health of the gums.

B. Patient self-help should be reviewed and, if necessary, reinforced each time the patient is seen for maintenance. Better patient self-help, the better the possibilities of maintaining stable results.


Maintaining a healthy and functional implant

a. The implant components should be checked for prosthetics integrity (for example, screws, cement erosion wear of the material); implant, screw, or abutment of destruction; the overthrow of investments and proper adaptation of all components.

B. Any mobility impaired or its restorative components requires immediate consultation with a physician or specialist.

B. The Patient The Information Provided. Before the exam, it is useful to obtain information from the patient, associated with implant-supported restorations or dentures. The patient can often identify issues for clinicians that are difficult to find. Implant patients should be encouraged to share their perception any changes in a fit tightness, or feel the implant restoration including occlusion. It is useful to ask the patient as follows: 1. Questions about daily treatment with implant-supported Restorations/ prosthesis

a. Easy to clean around the neck part implants?

B. You still have enough cleaning products for routine oral self-care?

2. The Issues Related To Patient Satisfaction. General questions regarding the patient's satisfaction with implant-supported restorations/prosthesis are part of the concept of quality of service.

a. Are you satisfied with how the implants functions?

B. Are you satisfied with the appearance of implants?

3. Questions Regarding The Patient's Perceived Changes Since The Last Destination

a. Do you think any part of the implant will be allowed?

B. To make the gums around the implant bleeding?

c. As you noticed, bad taste that comes from the implants?

d. Have you noticed any changes in your implants? ..

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