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Onset and Progression Chronic Periodontitis

A. gingivitis as a risk factor for chronic Periodontitis

1. RAID-induced inflammation of the gums precedes the beginning of chronic periodontitis. RAID-induced gingivitis can remain stable for many years and never achieve perfection, to become periodontitis.

2. Bacterial plaque biofilm will encourage gingivitis, but the susceptibility of the patient and other factors, such as to determine whether or not chronic periodontitis will develop.

3. Gingivitis is evident only after several days or weeks plaque biofilm accumulation. In most cases of chronic periodontitis requires longer periods (years) plaque biofilm and the calculation of the impact of development [17,18].

4. The results of epidemiological studies and clinical trials show that the presence of gingivitis can be considered as a risk factor for chronic periodontitis [19,20].

B. the age of onset. The beginning of chronic periodontitis can be at any age. It is most commonly found in adults over 35 years of age, but can occur in children and adolescents.

The prevalence and severity of chronic periodontitis increases with age.

C. Progression. In most cases of chronic periodontitis develops slowly and at a moderate pace. Periods of rapid tissue destruction may, however, occur.

D. patient Education: warning signs of chronic periodontitis

1. Warning signs of periodontal disease, or red, swollen gums are bleeding while brushing your teeth, unpleasant taste in the mouth, constant bad breath, sensitive teeth, loose teeth, and pus around the teeth and gums.

2. The pain is usually not a sign of periodontal disease. It is no pain may explain why periodontal disease is often advanced before the patient seeks treatment and why the patient can avoid treatment even after receiving a diagnosis of periodontitis. 3. Tools such as the health of the mouth of self-esteem that is distributed at exhibitions of health or other events can be useful in raising public awareness of the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease.

Early onset periodontitis

Early onset periodontitis in the united states of America

Early onset periodontitis treatment ..

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