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Periodontal ligament

Periodontal ligament layer soft connective tissue that covers the root of the tooth and attaches it to the bone tissue of the tooth socket (Fig. 1-13). Periodontal ligament consists mostly of dense fibrous connective tissue [3]. Fiber periodontal ligament be attached on one side to the root of cement, and on the other side of the alveolar bone tooth socket [5].

Periodontal ligament not only connects the tooth, alveolar bone, but also supports the tooth in the socket and absorbs mechanical loads on the tooth, thus protecting the tooth in its socket. Periodontal ligament has five functions in the periodontal:

  • Helper function suspends and supports the tooth in its socket.
  • Touch provides sensory feeling tooth, such as pressure and pain.
  • Nutritional function-provides nutrients cement, and bones.
  • Forming function-develop and approve cement, and alveolar bone of the tooth socket.
  • - Resorptive function, which can convert the alveolar bone in response to the pressure, for example, that are used during orthodontic treatment (braces).
Periodontal ligament function..
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