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Periodontal Pockets

A. periodontal pocket is a pathological deepening of the gingival sulcus.

1. Pocket formation is the result of (1) the apical migration paroxizmalnaya form epithelium, (2) destruction of the periodontal ligament fibers, and (3) the destruction of alveolar bone.

2. Apical migration is the movement of cells JE from their normal position-the coronal to FAC-position in the apical to FAC. In health, paroxizmalnaya form of skin cells attach to the enamel of the tooth crown. In periodontal disease, JE cells attach to cement tooth root.

B. two types of Periodontal pockets. The type of periodontal pocket determined on the basis of the relationship JE to the crest of the alveolar bone.

1. Suprabony pockets

a. Suprabony pockets to occur in the absence of horizontal bone loss (Fig. 3-21).

B. In JE, forming the base pocket, is coronal above the crest of the alveolar bone.

2. Infrabony pocket

a. Infrabony pockets to occur in the presence of vertical bone loss (Fig. 3-22).

B. In paroxizmalna form epithelium, forming the base pocket, is apical (see below) the crest of the alveolar bone. Based on pocket is craters-bone area near the root surface. Periodontal pockets 8mm..

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