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For many years, clinical researchers tried to find the answer to the question, "how untreated periodontal disease progress?" In this context, the progression of the disease means that the disease gets worse. The data of the research show that the model the progression of the disease may be different from (1) one individual to another, (2) one site to another in a person's mouth, and (3) one type of periodontal on the other.

1. Historical look at the progression of the disease

A. continuous development of the theory (historical look of disease progression: before 1980). Continuous progression of the disease theory is that as the progression of periodontal disease all over my mouth, slowly and constant speed throughout the adult life of the patient (Fig. 5-8).

1. This theory suggests that

a. In all cases of untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontitis.

B. All cases of periodontal disease to progress at a slow and steady pace of tissue destruction.

2. Studies conducted in the early 1980's have shown that periodontal disease nor is progressing at a constant speed and does not affect all areas of the mouth at the same time. On continuous development of the theory does not accurately reflect the complex nature of periodontal disease. Progression of periodontal disease in dogs..

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