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Smoking Cessation Counseling

A. Smoking cessation and prevention of periodontal disease

1. Smoking can be a cause of more than half of the cases of periodontal disease among adults in the United States.

2. The knowledge that Smoking is a significant risk factor suggests that smokers, quitting Smoking can prevent periodontal disease than daily plaque biofilm control self-care. All patients should be screened for the status of Smoking and smokers should be provided Smoking cessation counseling. Examples of consultation are presented in boxes 11-1 for 11-3.

B. convenient model for the cessation counseling

1. American dental Hygienists` Association (ARPI) has developed a "user-friendly" model for cessation of tobacco use, consulting. Ask for. Advise. Cm. (AAR) - ADHA national Smoking cessation initiatives, created to facilitate the cessation of the intervention of dental hygienists.

2. As part of the "ask. Advise. See" campaign, dental hygienists refer patients who use tobacco quitlines, and also through the web interface, and local programs for quitting Smoking.

3. "Ask. Advise. See" the program is designed as a program that dental hygienists can easily integrate in their efforts to stop Smoking. Detailed information is available on the American dental Hygienists` Association website www.askadviserefer.org (Box 11-1-11-3). Smokers periodontal disease..

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