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The Acute Inflammatory Process

1. Description. The process of acute inflammation is initiated blood vessels near the damaged tissues, which modify the possibility of release from the blood plasma, leukocytes and into the surrounding tissue.

2. PMNs first of leukocytes to arrive on the affected area.

a. These cells phagocytose and kill invading microorganisms through the issue of non-specific toxins. These non-specific toxins to kill pathogens, as well as neighbouring host cell, the sick and the healthy.

B. In PMNs the release of cytokines, including Il and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

c. Such inflammatory cytokines in turn, causes the liver to synthesize various blood plasma proteins is called acute-phase proteins.

1) the liver produces C-reactive protein (CRP), a Type of acute phase proteins, during episodes of acute inflammation. The level of CRP increase to 50,000 times of acute inflammation.

2) recent research shows that patients with elevated CRP levels have an increased risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

3) a study published in the journal of Periodontology " reports that inflammation from periodontal disease can cause oral bacterial products get into the bloodstream. These bacterial products cause the liver to make PKI that flares up of the arteries and promotes blood clots [6].

3. PMNs long, and therefore are mainly engaged in the early stages of inflammation.

4. If the body succeeds in eliminating all micro-organisms, tissues heal, and inflammation cease.

5. Inflammation in the body's first line of defense against injury and infection, but it is a stick about two ends. If acute inflammatory reaction is not effective in the fight against invading microorganisms, inflammatory reaction becomes chronic (Fig. 8-14) The acute inflammatory process..

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