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Toothbrushing and Tongue Cleaning

1. Cleaning of teeth

A. Manual Cleaning Of Teeth

1. Making sure that periodontitis the patient uses sulcular brushing technique brush with soft bristles is Central to most self-help programs.

2. Manual tooth brushing techniques not covered in detail here, since these topics are completely covered in other courses in hygiene curriculum.

B. Energy Teeth Cleaning. Power brush have been in existence for many years. In the past, the power of the brush were recommended for persons with special needs or disability. Today, the power of the brush under several needs in a wide range of prices.

1. Rationale to recommend an electric toothbrush

a. While anyone could use an electric toothbrush, patients with poor biofilm control, orthodontics, implants, aesthetic restoration, expansion of the gums, crowns and bridges, or physical disabilities are ideal candidates to use an electric toothbrush.

B. Some power brush function timers. This feature is particularly useful for helping patients to increase the cleaning time.

Longer cleaned once been shown to improve biofilms removal [2].

2. Considerations in order to recommend an electric toothbrush

a. The brush head Size must correspond to the size of the patient's mouth. Patient preference, should guide the brush head configuration. Configuration varies depending on the manufacturer. Popular form-round or oval form [2].

B. The design of the handle vary in size and ergonomics. The choice must match the age and skill of the user [2].

c. The power supply may come from or rechargeable replacement (i.e., Alkaline) batteries.

3. Advantages

a. Certain forces toothbrushes, as it has been shown to remove the biofilm and to reduce inflammation of the gums better than toothbrush. They can also provide better spot reduction and increase compliance by an individual regimen [2,3].

B. One systematic review of the power of the brush found rotation oscillation toothbrush was stably exceeds a manual toothbrush [4].

4. Technique

a. - Manual or power, thorough cleaning depends on proper technique.

1. As in the case of a manual toothbrush, the patient needs the correct angle electric toothbrush in his mouth. Once there, however, the brush head movement on electric toothbrush will do all the work. 2. Because the power of the brush creates more beats per minute than a manual brush, people can learn more biofilms in the same amount of time cleaning [2].

B. Power toothbrushes have different sounds and sensations than a manual toothbrush.

1. It may take some time for the patient to get used to the new product.

2. In addition, some forces brush can increase foaming action toothpaste. Patients should be instructed to use a small amount of toothpaste and put the nozzle in her mouth before turning on the device.

c. Dental hygienist should read the manufacturer's user manual before to recommend and/or demonstrate the power of the brush of the patient. Patients should be informed to the instructions of the manufacturer for the best result. ..

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