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Variables Associated with the Prevalence of Disease

The research results show that the variables associated with the prevalence of periodontal diseases are persons, gender, race, socio-economic status and age.

1. Floor

a. Males have a higher prevalence and severity of periodontal disease than females.

B. It was suggested that women tend to practice better and more frequent self-help, than males. These differences in which self-controlled behavior may lead to a greater incidence of diseases in men.

2. The level of education and socioeconomic status

a. Black and Hispanic men living in the United States, poorer periodontal health and greater prevalence of periodontal disease than white men.

B. There is a high prevalence of periodontal disease in persons with a lower level of education and income.

c. Less developed countries have a high level of chronic periodontitis, possibly due to the lack of adequate information about disease prevention.

3. Age

a. Studies have shown that the severity of periodontal disease increases with age, however, the exact age plays a role of periodontal disease is difficult to assess.

1) as an individual living longer, the chances are higher that it will be exposed to additional risk factors of periodontal disease. Such risk factors include systemic illness, medications, stress and Smoking.

2) the higher prevalence of periodontal disease in the elderly, therefore, may not be related to age and other risk factors to which the person is exposed to in the course of his long life. B. Decreased agility sometimes the problem in elderly individuals, and may affect a person's ability to perform self-care. Limited mobility may also reduce the Duration of self-care is carried out on a daily basis.

4. Access to dental care. Individuals interested in need of care or assistance may not have access to dental care. Barriers to receiving dental care include transportation-travel long distances, a dental office and financial costs of dental care...

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