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How to treat stomatitis with the help of folk remedies

Treat denture stomatitis
Treatment of stomatitis at home. Aphtae (small bubbles) appear on the oral mucosa and can be the symptoms of stomatitis - an inflammatory disease of various etiologies. When the bubbles burst they turn into sores and erosions on the oral mucosa. To cure stomatitis one has to clear out the cause of the disease and eliminate it. To do this one has to turn to a doctor. He will prescribe adequate treatment.

To cure stomatitis at home one can use folk remedies. However, folk remedies are a secondary remedial action that can be used alongside but not instead of the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Treatment of stomatitis at home consists in rinsing. Use a hydrogen peroxide solution (1 teaspoon for half a cup of water). It will help you to get rid of soreness in the mouth.

One can also propolis use alcoholature and alterate the 2 kinds of rinsing.

There are some more folk remedies that can be used to cure stomatitis. They are aloe and agave. It is recommended to chew the leaves of the plants or use their fresh juice for rinsing.

Some people recommend using garlic to cure stomatitis. Grind some garlic, add sour cream and keep it in your mouth for about half an hour. You should do this every day for a week. Another folk remedy is raw potatoes. One has to grind or slice it and apply to sore places. Fresh carrot juice can also help you fight stomatitis. Dilute it with water (50/50) and use for rinsing 3 times a day. Cabbage juice can be useful to cure stomatitis. Dilute the juice with boiled water and use for rinsing 3 times a day.

One can also use decoctions or herbal potions containing touch-and-heal, flat-leaved eryngo, horse gowan, marigold, and cinquefoil.

How to treat periodontitis at home.

Gingival hemorrhage, dental calculus appearing under the gums, tooth mobility, and dental recesses are all symptoms of periodontitis. Using folk remedies to cure periodontitis without any medical control and supervision can be dangerous. It may even lead to dedention. It is very important to consult a doctor if you want the treatment of the disease to be effective.

However, one cannot deny that folk remedies can be useful if they are used alongside with traditional treatment of periodontitis. Infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs can be effective for mouth rinsing. The following folk remedies are used to cure periodontitis: cowberries, cupid's-delight, marigold blossom, tutsan, cinquefoil.

Mouthwashes can be either single-component or contain a mixture of some medicinal herbs. It is possible to use the following herbs to cure periodontitis at home:

  • sorrel and tormentil drawn on cabbage pickle,
  • oak canker and linden blossom,
  • sweetflag, eyebright, sarcocolla, fruit or needles of juniper.
These folk remedies will also help you to cure periodontitis: massage of the gums with the help of a cotton pellet moistened with a mixture of fir and sea-buckthorn oil. A mixture of fish oil and fir oil will also go, using a dough extract of tea mushroom for rinsing, cleaning teeth with the help of a tooth powder containing sweetflag powder, using sunflower oil or dough green tea for mouth rinsing. These procedures may take much time before they prove to be effective.

It is easier to prevent periodontitis than to cure it. To prevent the disease regular hygiene of the mouth cavity is needed. Eating vitaminized food is recommended. One can eat not only fruit and vegetables but also young buds of plants appearing early in spring, all citrus plants or drinks containing rosehip or fir needles with vitamins added.

How to treat periodontitis with the help of "Vector" device.

Periodontitis as a disease does not have any pronounced symptoms. Most patients complain about gingival hemorrhage while cleaning teeth. Sometimes bad breath can appear after one has cleaned his teeth or without any clear reason during the day. Usually patients do not feel any pain, gingival hemorrhage is a short time thing and bad breath can be fought with the help of a chewing gum. Meanwhile, if you have these two symptoms it is time to sound the alarm as they are the first signs of periodontitis.

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