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Mouthwash - an elixir for gums. What for should one use mouthwashes?

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Nowadays elixirs for gums are becoming increasingly popular. Substances contained in elixirs for gums improve blood supply of the gums and eliminate pathogenic bacteria. After using such elixirs edema decreases and the blood supply of gingival tissues is improved. Moreover, microscopic wounds that could cause many problems in future are cured. It is desirable to use mouthwashes before you clean your teeth. Under the influence of such elixirs dental deposit is softened and can be easily removed. Nowadays one can go to a drugstore and choose any mouthwash with antibacterial effect. First of all let us have a look at the elixirs produced in Russia.

The most popular elixirs produced in Russia are "Lesnoj", "Vesna-Plus", "Vesna-Life" and so on. Mouthwashes produced in Russia contain extracts of medicinal herbs and biooxidants on basis of natural products.

Pay special attention to the firry elixir "Mirra-Lux". It contains vegetable volatile production that eliminates inflammation, improve blood supply and local immunity.

Do you know what mouthwashes are the most effective The most effective mouthwashes contain synthetic additives - triclosan and chlorhexidine. These synthetic substances can kill most of the known pathogenic bacteria. For example, a mouthwash "Plax" contains triclosan. Moreover, "Plax" contains sodium fluoride. It means that it can fight not only bacteria but caries as well.

Elixirs containing chlorhexidine are produced by a German company Lacalut. Those elixirs are Lacalut Antiplaque and Lacalut Fresh. Do not dilute the first elixir with water before using it. Mind that you should dilute the second elixir. One bottle of Lacalut Fresh will be enough for a long period of time. Five drops will be enough for one rinsing. The bottle contains 75 millilitres. Fluid gel "Lizoplak" contains chlorhexidine. The bottle contains 250 millilitres. "Lizoplak" eliminates inflammation and can prevent dental calculus. It contains dimeticone that makes your teeth shine.

"Eludril" has a strong antiseptic effect. It contains a lion's share of chlorhexidine. That is why it can be used for treatment and prevention of the mouth cavity diseases. "Eludril" is recommended to cure gingivitis, quinsy, and stomatitis. Mind that "Eludril" is very concentrated. Dilute one share of the elixir with 8 shares of water. During exacerbations rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day. It is enough to use the elixir twice a day - in the morning and in the evening if you are willing to prevent dental cavity diseases.

Not all patients can use concentrates for rinsing. The reason is that they contain ethanol and it can cauterize the oral mucosa or harden it. If a patient has a dry mouth symptom (very frequent with elderly people) he cannot use alcohol-containing mouthwashes. People who have allergy to alcohol cannot use such mouthwashes as well. The most frequent scheme of using concentrated solutions is 20-25 drops for a cup of water. In case of inflammation the patient has to use a more saturated solution - 30-50 drops for a cup of water. It is worth mentioning that most mouthwashes do not have to be diluted before using them. Such mouthwashes may also contain alcohol. If the concentration of alcohol in the mouthwash is not more than 3% it can be used by elderly people and children over 6 years of age.

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