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Natural Bleaching of Teeth

Whenever you are going to watch a film or a show on TV, you will have to watch numerous ads. Nowadays many of them are devoted to various means for bleaching of teeth. Despite the tempting promises to whiten your teeth by several shades such products can cause hypersensitivity. Moreover, their price is usually very high. So probably there is a safer and a cheaper way to get a perfect smile. In this article we shall discuss some methods of natural whitening of teeth.

Drawbacks of commercial tooth whitening systems

The majority of commercial tooth whitening systems use carbamide peroxide (10-15% solution) as the main agent. This solution does have a bleaching effect, but it often causes hypersensitivity and tenderness of teeth and gums. The color of teeth whitened with the help of such systems can sometimes be uneven. If you have a cavity in your tooth, bleach can lodge into the cavity and necessitate the root canal.

Ways to naturally bleach your teeth

If you decide to whiten your teeth with the help of natural products you should not wait for miracles.
The color of your teeth will definitely not become five shades lighter. However, you can make you smile brighter without any risk of gum sensitivity or damage.

Natural ways to whiten teeth

You can try to brighten you teeth with the help of baking soda. However, there is one precaution: soda cannot be used every day as it is abrasive and can thin out the dental enamel. Remember one simple rule you should always rinse the mouth thoroughly after using soda. You can also try to bleach your teeth with the help of lemon juice. But the concentration of acid in lemon juice is rather high, so it can damage the enamel as well. Such effect is not desirable so you should better try some other methods of bleaching.

Another natural product that has a whitening effect is strawberry. It contains malic acid and helps to remove stains on the surface of teeth. The effect of using strawberry as a whitening agent will be seen at once. Keep in mind that excessive usage of strawberries is also risky as it can have a negative effect on dental enamel. If you find this means effective, use it moderately and always clean the teeth afterwards. Regular toothpaste helps to remove natural sugar that can form deposits on the surface of teeth.

Some people say that one of the most effective products which has a whitening effect is extra virgin olive oil. You should apply it to a piece if soft cloth and rub the teeth. It is not yet clear why this method works, but many people claim that extra virgin olive oil is the №1 product for dental bleaching.

You can try to give up smoking and start drinking fruit juices, coffee and tea only through the straw. This will help you keep the teeth white for a long time. If you are willing to improve the color of your teeth, do not rush to the nearest drug store to buy a brand-new whitening system you have just seen on TV. There are many other natural products that can successfully cope with this task and save your money.

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