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Periodontitis curable
If parodontosis appears as a result of arteriolar damage periodontitis is caused by problems with venules. Blood fails to flow through the parodentium tissues. At that time another portion of blood appears and provokes formation of new capillaries. The gum swells and painful feelings appear. This is the way periodontitis starts. Very few patients suffer only periodontitis. In most cases periodontitis develops alongside with parodontosis. These diseases are so frequent that you can hardly find a person with healthy gums in Russia.

A sad result.

Dedention is the sad result of the disease. How does the disease begin? First comes gingival hemorrhage, then dental calculus and plaques with numerous bacteria beneath them. Alas the organism is not strong enough to eliminate the nidus of infection. We cannot see our organism fighting diseases but if we do not prevent the disease dedention is more than possible.

Everything seems to be clear - parodontosis and periodontitis are caused by diseases of blood vessels.

First of all we should cure the blood vessels. In fact blood supply changes can be caused by different factors - from nerves to hormonal disorders. Even if one cannot eliminate all problems it does not mean that one can let things rip.

If gingival hemorrhage starts.

Gingival hemorrhage is the first symptom of parodentium diseases (parodontosis and periodontitis). Sensitivity of teeth is increased and many people reduce thetime for cleaning their teeth and start using a softer toothbrush. Do not do that! One has to buy a stiff toothbrush and clean teeth longer. Buy special toothpaste with antibacterial components for example Sensodyn. You will be massaging your gums and eliminate bacteria at the same time. The stiff toothbrush will help you clean the teeth more properly and get rid of dental deposit. That seems to be easy. Unfortunately it is not so simple. Europe faced the peak of parodontosis and periodontitis in the middle of the last century. At that time dentists found out that that many children and adults cannot clean their teeth properly. Do not think it is so easy.

To learn to clean your teeth properly one has to see a hygienist. Your teeth will be covered with a special dye that paints the dental deposit but does not remain on teeth enamel. Look at yourself in the looking-glass while cleaning your teeth. The dye will become obliterated and you will learn to clean your teeth properly. It is obvious that you will no t succeed at once. It will take some time - a month or more to form the acquired reflex. Let your body remember how to clean the teeth properly. This program has laid Europe in the aisles. The overall number of cases of caries has dropped to 30% and the cases of parodentium diseases to 60%. Speculation is rife that many periodontists in Europe are now unemployed. Unfortunately such practice is not spread in Russia. People have never been able to clean their teeth properly. Over recent years the number of schools in big cities and smart parents taking their kids to hygienists to teach them how to clean teeth properly has grown. Another strangeness of Russian dentistry is that dentists never offer to remove dental calculus. Removal of dental calculus is one of the most expensive procedures in Europe and at the same time it is one of the cheapest in Russia. Demand the removal of dental calculus to keep your teeth safe.

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