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Dental Alert: Bacteria are Not the Primary Cause of Cavities

Dental Alert: Bacteria are Not the Primary Cause of Cavities
Fundamental theories of modern dentistry was synthesized in 1883 dentist W. D. Miller. He found that the extracted teeth sink into the fermentation mixture of bread and saliva produced what appeared to be caries. He thought acids in the mouth, which were formed due to microorganisms, dissolved teeth. However, Dr. Miller himself never believed that caries was caused by bacteria. Rather, he believed that bacteria and acid, where part of the process of decomposition. Most importantly, he believed that a strong tooth would not decay.

In simple terms, Dr. Miller believed, thick strong tooth will "resist indefinitely" attack acids, whether bacteria and food. Meanwhile, a loose tooth would quickly give way to all kinds of acids, bacteria or otherwise. Dr. Miller also wrote that "the invasion of microorganisms always precedes the extraction of salts of lime.

Simply put, a tooth loses its mineral density first (lime, salt), and then microorganisms can cause problems.

Unlike Dr. Miller 1883 theory and dentistry 2009 theory is that Dr. Miller knew that tooth density and structure is the fact that it was protected from decay, and today, dentists teach that the bacteria themselves, that cause cavities. In addition, as the food sticks to the teeth, dentists believe that diet has little in common with the cavity of the tooth.

The modern theory of dental caries further dissolved because white sugar actually has the ability neutralization of microorganisms, since it attracts water. A 20% solution of sugar, bacteria will perish.15 Yes, bacteria are present in the result of the development of caries, but much sugar will immediately destroy them. If dentistry is correct about the bacteria, then diets high in sugar should eliminate them.

Bacteria are everywhere and almost impossible to get rid of completely. More than 400 different bacteria are now associated with dental disease, and many others have yet to be discovered. Since bacteria are part of life, some good and some are bad and trillions of them everywhere, dentistry approach eliminates the bacteria that seems hopeless.

In 1922 dentist Percy Howe read before ADA that his research team had tried and failed to reproduce caries by filing, instilling Guinea pigs with different bacteria associated with gum disease and tooth decay. He said, "in any case we have not succeeded in creating dental diseases with these tools." However, Dr. HOU had no problems in the creation of caries in Guinea-pigs on the extraction of vitamin intake.

The bacteria are the cause of dental caries was adopted from Dr. Miller's research, but has never been proven. In 1940-ies in the International Association for dental research meeting, the debate about the causes cavities was put to an end. By the power of the voice of Dr. Miller acid bacterial theory was accepted as a fact, despite contradictory evidence and theories. Competing theories of that time was called proteolysis-complexation theory and invited Dr. albert Schatz. This theory assumed that enzymes (not bacteria) and chelating agents, which are common in plants and animals (not acid) were the cause of dental caries. Dr. Schatz in proteolysis-complexation theory, this diet, microelements and hormonal balance, which are key factors of activation of enzymes and tooth mineral complex formation, which results in tooth decay.

Between 1954 and today lives to the work of the dentist Ralph Steinman and his colleague Dr. John Leonora to prove that caries is triggered our body - " physiology " as a result of our diet. The hypothalamus of the brain that regulates relations between our nervous system and glandular system through the pituitary gland. Dr. Leonora Steinman and found that the hypothalamus interacts with the glands in our jaw is called the parotid salivary glands, through releasing factor hormone. When the parotid gland stimulates the hypothalamus it releases the parotid gland hormone which causes the movement of resource-rich dental lymph through microscopic channels in the teeth. This mineral liquid cleans teeth and remineralizes them. When the cavity, causing diet the body, the hypothalamus stops to tell the parotid gland hormone, circulates in the remineralization of tooth liquid. Over time, this break minerals fluid leads to the destruction of the tooth, what we know as caries. What the parotid gland is responsible for remineralization of teeth explains to me why a small part of the population has no immunity to decay, even with a relatively poor diet. They were born with strong parotid gland. Dr. Steinman rat studies have shown that while the bacteria produce acid, there is a correlation between the acid produced by bacteria and the presence of caries.

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