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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants
Many dental sealants contain a hormone is a chemical substance that changes, including bisphenol A. there are two seemingly less toxic approaches; one is a resin sealant, made by American ultradent, and the other steklovarenie sealant. The problem with resins, sealants that they do not allow minerals or liquids passing through the surface of the tooth, thus inhibiting dentin of fluid flow. Steklovarenie sealants allow fluid flow through the seal. As the result of curing time required for installation of the seal, they are difficult to properly and, ideally, should be placed on one tooth for a visit. if the tooth has a cavity, then put the seal at the top of the tooth cavity will not help. This means that each tooth should be thoroughly tested with devices such as the Diagnodent is to search for a small hidden pockets of caries. Sealants not to block, they rot right in full, and only slow the process, assuming that they will be placed correctly. My conclusion is that sealants will benefit people in special situations, as long as they avoid those with the hormonal changes of chemical substances. In General, if You do not feel really inspired to receive the sealant, it seems unnecessary...
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