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Dentistry's Inability to Cure Cavities

Dentistry's Inability to Cure Cavities
Your teeth are not intended to decompose! They were designed to remain strong, tough and cavity free of charge throughout your life. Why nature is a plan for failure and pain, aimed at the destruction of teeth? Without a healthy teeth and gums, we are unable to digest food properly, and we eventually will not prosper. In this book you will learn that caries is not the result of nature inability or "fact" of aging, but also due to human error, poor choice of food.

Rotting teeth can be a scary and painful process. When in a state of fear and panic, we tend not to take into account the most reasonable solutions that we could do: to search for the real reasons, and not to give in easily and passive reaction allows the dentist to "fix" the problem for us. But when searching for the true cause of caries, many people are lost in the maze of information, misleading. Your search is over; here you will find real and natural solutions to tooth decay. We have been taught, for the most part that caries is as inevitable as death and taxes, and that we have no choice in the matter. In this Chapter, you will learn how the power to cure tooth decay in your hands. We will study the history of dentistry, so you can realize how false and misleading beliefs about caries can turn you into dentistry victims. .

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