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Fruits, especially berries, can add to your health. But too much fruit mean too much sugar, and that can lead to tooth cavities, causing fluctuations in blood sugar. Most fruits in stores today hybridization. For example, the ancient apple was a little acidic fruits, which, probably, it is necessary to prepare for edible. But hundreds and even thousands of years of cultivation, breeding and hybridization created apples are high in sugar. While the fruit is naturally high sugar content of most fruits means that many people can't eat as much fruit as they want to stay healthy. the fruit is not a bad choice of food, but many people eat too much. Many people mistakenly made the fruit, the main point of their diet, instead consider it as appetizers, side dishes, or episodic treatment.

Fruits are best eaten with fat. Fruit and cream together, such as peaches, or strawberries with cream.

Some fruits goes well with cheese, for example, apples or pears. Some people consume excessive amounts of very sweet fruits. The sugar in these fruits helps to calm hunger, providing quick energy. But of the fruit does not give the body enough nutrients, building blocks, like a squirrel. Sweet fruits include oranges, peaches, grapes and bananas. I highly recommend these restrictions are very sweet fruit when you are trying to save caries at least. , Cavities is a sign that your blood sugar level mechanism does not work optimally, and eating too natural sweetness will not allow your system to correct itself. Once your cavities are a distant memory, you can eat more sweet fruit. For some people, cooking all his fruits before eating is useful because it converts sugar and can increase the digestibility. The main fruit of recommendations: avoid or severely restrict a very sweet fruits : dates, peaches, pineapples, dried fruit, berries and bananas as long as you do not decay more. Intermediate fruits recommendations: there is only fruit once somewhere in the middle of the day, for example, after lunch. The fruits that You don't eat, should not be too sweet. Examples of less sweet fruits: sour berries, such as raspberry and KIWI green apples.

Additionally fruit recommendations: if you have a bad cavities or want to immediately stop the rapid development of caries, to avoid all the sweets and fruits...

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